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Employees of the Belgorod Institute of Alternative Energy received master’s degrees – biotechnologists

The general director of the Belgorod Institute of Alternative Energy Vladimir Bredikhin (diploma with honors) and the biotechnological

Foreign colleagues are interested in the experience of AltEnergo

AltEnergo regularly meets guests representing organizations whose management is interested in the construction of biogas plants.And today AltEnergo’s

The innovative company AltEnergo is 10 years old!

On November 27, 2019, AltEnergo, a company specializing in innovations in the field of renewable energy, will turn

Biogas Plant “Luchki” has recycled more than half a million tons of waste from the day it was launched

Today, the World celebrates Global Recycling Day. The main goal of this holiday is to attract the attention

AltEnergo held a production meeting

Today, November 13, a joint production meeting of LTD “AltEnergo” and LTD “Belgorod Institute of Alternative Energy” was

The experience of AltEnergo was presented to participants in a seminar of the Staff of the Council of Federations of the Russia

On November 7, AltEnergo’s chief engineer Ilya Meylakh and head of the financial and economic department Konstantin Prisukhin

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