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About company

OOO “AltEnergo” (LLC) – russian company deals with popularization, testing, implementation of newest technologies in the field of energy generation from renewable sources.
Application of renewable energy sources allows to reduce environmental impact and to supply the public, industry and farming sector needs in gas, organic fertilizers, heat and electricity due to the usage of solar, wind and water energy, and also due to processing different types of waste, containing organic matter.
AltEnergo has implemented 3 pilot projects in Belgorod region: solar power plant, wind power plant (Yakovlevskiy district), biogas plant ‘’Luchki” (Prokhorovskiy district).

“AltEnergo” today:
* Newest equipment and up-to-date technologies
* High experience level in energy efficiency
* Application of international practices in the area of renewable energetics
* High-skilled staff
* Successful projects implementation

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