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Scientific support of renewable energy projects

Specialists of AltEnergo LLC became co-authors Concept for the Development of Energy Saving Based on the Use of Renewable Energy Sources in the Belgorod Region and the Concept for the Development of Small Distributed Energy in the Belgorod Region until 2025.
Among tasks of the specialists is the analysis of the effectiveness of the application of various technical solutions in the field of alternative energy in relation to the climatic and other conditions of the Belgorod region, analysis and assessment of the main results of research and development carried out.

The result of R & D of AltEnergo LLC specialists was the selection of the optimal raw material base and operating mode of the biogas plant to increase the efficiency of the anaerobic fermentation process.
The company’s specialists also study and modify organic fertilizers in order to increase soil fertility. The company promotes green energy technologies and
Environmentally friendly transport.
Scientists of the Department of Ecology and Radiobiology of Belgorod State Agrarian University named after V.Ya. Gorin, the Department of Applied Chemistry of Belgorod State Technological University are involved in this work. V.G. Shukhov; Department of Biotechnology and Microbiology of the National Research University of Belgorod State University and other scientific organizations.

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