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Popularization of RES

One of the activities of AltEnergo LLC is the popularization of “green” technologies for the production of electricity and electric transport. In order to popularize “green” energy, familiarize schoolchildren with the region’s achievements in this area and increase the level of ecological culture of the younger generation, the  employees conduct “green” lessons as part of class hours or other format events in schools of the region, as well as the annual children’s creative competition “Green auto – green light! “.

Every year, the AltEnergo LLC actively cooperates with the Education Department of the Belgorod City Administration, the Education Department of the Belgorod Region, educational institutions of the city and the region, organizing excursions for teachers and students to the solar, wind and biogas stations, taking part in the jury of the Shukhov Festival research and design work (section “Ecology”), other events on environmental issues.

Since 2015, groups of schoolchildren have been additionally acquiring knowledge about “green” technologies and developing projects for improving alternative energy facilities on the basis of the science city of N.I.K.A. (project of RUSNANO and BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov).

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