On November 27, 2019, AltEnergo, a company specializing in innovations in the field of renewable energy, will turn 10 years old. This is one of the first companies in Russia, which began to effectively utilize the waste of agricultural enterprises in the agricultural region.

In 2010, LLCAltEnergo built a wind and solar stationboth of 100 kilowatts in the Yakovlevsky region. And in 2012, the regional project “Renewable Energy Sources” was launched, within the framework of which it was planned to build a biogas plant in the region. The project was approved by The Agency for Strategic Initiatives, and on March 15, 2012, as part of the visit of the Agency’s delegation to the Belgorod Region, the Cooperation Agreement was signed between the Government of the Belgorod Region and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. The Renewable Energy Sources project has become a pilot in the country. The leader of the project was the founder of the company, general director of LLC AltEnergo Victor Filatov. As a result of the project was a solution to the problem of recycling organic waste from agricultural enterprises of the Belgorod Region through the production of electricity and heat at a biogas plant with a capacity of 2.4 MW, as well as highly efficient organic fertilizers, was determined. After implementation, the project was recommended for replication.

So, in 2012, AltEnergo built and commissioned the first large biogas plant in Russia, Luchki, which produces electricity on an industrial scale. On July 20, 2012, the station reached its design capacity of 2.4 MW. In 2015, due to the competent selection of the raw material recipe by the specialists of the Belgorod Institute of Alternative Energy, LLCAltEnergo increased the efficiency of the biogas plantLuchki by increasing the installed capacity to 3.6 MW without building additional fermenters, with the installation of a third block of thermo electric unit with a capacity of 1.2 MW.

All stations ofAltEnergo— solar, wind, and biogas plant — are qualified facilities operating on the basis of renewable energy sources. Moreover, they were qualified as the first RES objects in the country.

Today, the Luchki biogas plant utilizes pig farm waste, waste from a meat processing plant, sugar beet and other agricultural processing plants in the Belgorod Region, processing more than two hundred tons of waste daily into highly efficient bio-fertilizers. Since commissioning, more than half a million tons of agricultural waste has been processed at the Plant. More than 150 million kilowatt-hours of green electricity have been generated. Over half a million tons of organic fertilizers were sold.
LLC AltEnergo has developed and operates a system for testing and increasing the efficiency of fertilizers produced. In addition to the direct production of biological fertilizers, the company’s specialists, as part of the Research and Advanced Developmentworking groups of the Belgorod Institute of Alternative Energy, are developing raw material formulations for other biogas plants and are finding ways to further increase the efficiency of biological fertilizers.

LLC AltEnergo actively participates in international conferences, seminars, exhibitions, studies, develops and uses innovative technologies in conjunction with foreign partners, sends employees involved in its operation to other countries to exchange experience, willingly shares its unique experience in introducing renewable energy sources and selecting raw materials within the framework of international laboratory.

LLC AltEnergo executives awarded diplomas and grateful letters to 12 employees of the company.

Press service of AltEnergo