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Biogas plant “Luchki”

Biogas station "Luchki" in figures per year

Installed capacity
0m kW
Power generation
0thous. Gcal
Heat generation
0thous. t
Obtaining organic biofertilizers
0thous. t
Processing of raw materials

Biogas plant “Luchki” is the first industrial scale biogas plant in Russia with capacity 3.6 mW. Situated in  Prokhorovskiy district, Belgorod region.  It has produced first electricity  on June 25, 2012 and has reached the full capacity on July 20, 2012. In 2015 Altenergo increased the efficiency of the luchki biogas plant by increasing its installed capacity to 3.6 MW.

Technical and economic characteristics:

Electricityoutput – 29,8 millionkWannually
Thermal energy output – 27,3 thousand gCal annually
Production of organic fertilizers – 90 thousand tonnes annually
Waste processing 95 thousand tonnes annually

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