Wind generator
a device, that converts kinetic wind energy to electric current. Connected industrial wind generators make up wind power plant.
Solar panel
a set of PV cells converting solar energy into direct current. To obtain alternating current it is necessary to use invertors.
a flammable gas mixture, produced by the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen as the result of anaerobic digestion (methane fermentation).
15 November 2019
Biogas Plant УLuchkiФ  has recycled more than half a million tons of waste from the day it was launched

Today, the World celebrates Global Recycling Day. The main goal of this holiday is to attract the attention of authorities, the public and industrial structures to this topic. Tasks of the recycling is  to solve the problem of limited resources, reducing the cost of finished products through the use of cheaper raw materials and combating environmental pollution.
Belgorod Oblast was one of the first to introduce efficient recycling of organic waste from agricultural enterprises. The processing of agricultural waste into biogas, and then into electricity and highly efficient fertilizers became possible in the region since 2012, when AltEnergo launched the first and the country's largest biogas Plant “Luchki”, generating electricity on an industrial scale.
The Biogas Plant “Luchki”  utilizes pig farm waste, meat processing plant waste, sugar beet processing enterprises and other agricultural enterprises in the Belgorod Region, processing more than two hundred tons of waste daily. Since the start-up at The Biogas Plant “Luchki” has been processed more than half a million tons of agricultural waste. At the same time, more than 150 million kilowatt-hours of green electricity were generated.

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