Wind generator
a device, that converts kinetic wind energy to electric current. Connected industrial wind generators make up wind power plant.
Solar panel
a set of PV cells converting solar energy into direct current. To obtain alternating current it is necessary to use invertors.
a flammable gas mixture, produced by the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen as the result of anaerobic digestion (methane fermentation).
27 Oktober 2014
The ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in the Russian Federation has visited biogas power plant УLuchkiФ

On 27th of October the ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the Republic Belarus Igor Petrishenko  in the lead of delegation from the Republic of Belarus has visited biogas power  plant “Luchki”.

During working conference with the governor of Belgorod region Evgeniy Savchenko Igor Petrishenko has shown interest in studying the agroindustrial complex development experience.  One of the most important parts in agricultural complex activities- livestock, plant growing waste recycling and bio fertilizer production was represented to the guests at biogas plant.

First deputy director general  OOO “AltEnergo” Vladimir Bredichin has talked with guests about similar active power stations, and also shared his plans for future development- capacity increase, installation of separations module, and showed results of biofertilizers application, which were received in company’s agrolaboratory. 

Both parties, guests and receiving party, expressed hope that further cooperation, based on experience of Belarusian specialists and their colleagues from Belgorod will be fruitful and mutually advantageous.


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