Solar panel
a set of PV cells converting solar energy into direct current. To obtain alternating current it is necessary to use invertors.
a flammable gas mixture, produced by the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen as the result of anaerobic digestion (methane fermentation).
Wind generator
a device, that converts kinetic wind energy to electric current. Connected industrial wind generators make up wind power plant.
13 February 2014
Technologies are being improved at biogas power plant УLuchkiФ


Installation of additional equipment assisting in technological process of feedstock feeding efficiency increase was finished at biogas power plant “Luchki” of AltEnergo Company.

A new mixer was installed For cattle-breeding waste blending, flowing through specialized pipeline from selective-hybrid center of “Agro Belogorie” Holding. This mixing equipment was selected by AltEnergo specialists on the basis of biomass characteristics and its feeding parameters. Equipment is distinguished through reliability and operating efficiency.

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