Wind generator
a device, that converts kinetic wind energy to electric current. Connected industrial wind generators make up wind power plant.
Solar panel
a set of PV cells converting solar energy into direct current. To obtain alternating current it is necessary to use invertors.
a flammable gas mixture, produced by the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen as the result of anaerobic digestion (methane fermentation).
27 November 2013
Production of 22 million kW.h of electricity by green energetics objects coincides with the 4th anniversary of the company

At the 27th of November, wind power plant, solar power plant and biogas power plant total output  has exceeded the number of 22 million kW.h of so called “green” energy.  This day is also the day of 4th foundation anniversary of “AltEnergo”.

Most part of electric energy (over 21,6 million kW.h) was produced by biogas power plant “Luchki”. Solar power plant output comprised almost 288 tsd kW.h, wind power plant output part –over 43 tsd kW.h.  For example, a household, fully equipped with modern appliances, consumes about  400 kW.h per month. 


“AltEnergo” objects have prevented 16 500 million tonnes CO2 atmosphere emissions, which could have happen during generation of 22 mln of electric energy with less ecofriendly electric power generation techniques. 


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